Registration Types and Fees

As announced via email on August 13, 2021, registration fees for this year’s conference have been WAIVED for all registrants. However, we would still like to capture each attendee’s registration type.

Please review the descriptions and select the appropriate registration type when registering for the 2022 ISCRC.

SENIOR SCHOLAR – Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer or higher at a University, or a Researcher/Practitioner with at least 5 years of experience

JUNIOR SCHOLAR – Assistant Professor, Adjunct Professor, Junior Lecturer or Instructor at a University, or a Researcher/Practitioner with less than 5 years of experience

GRADUATE STUDENT – Full-time graduate student at an accredited University

SPONSORS – Official sponsors of the 2022 ISCRC

STAFF – EdChoice staff members attending the 2022 ISCRC